Namera Group of Industries (T) Limited, a textile mill, was established in 2000 and is located at in a sprawling complex in Gongo la Mboto in the city of Dar-es-Salaam. This is a sister concern to Nida Textile Mills and employs over 1,000 people. It has an installed capacity of producing 300 metric tons of average yarn count and 2.2 Million Metres of running fabric per month.

The mill engages in all processes from yarn preparation to grey fabric weaving. Its production processes include blowing, carding, drawing, spinning and weaving into grey fabric.

The Africa Collection
Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Overview

Fine ginned cotton in standard bales received from Nida Textile Mills (Ginnery) in Kahama, is processed for further production of grey fabric.

The mill has a collection of 30,000 spindles, 800 rotors, 212 weaving units and operates machineries imported from Germany, Japan and China. Due to continual demand, it primarily supplies the grey fabric to Nida Textile Mills for production of made-ups.

There is an ongoing expansion in terms of machinery addition and up-gradation which will enable the company to service third-party demands for yarn and grey fabric.
Manufacturing Process


Spinning is the core activity through which textile production starts. Yarn is formed by twisting together the drawn out strands of fibres. Our factory has over 30,000 spindles and 800 rotors imported from Italy, Japan and China.

These units are capable of producing carded and slub yarns with a capacity of 300 tons per month of average yarn count in 100% cotton or P.C mix. The latest machinery is utilized in the blow room lines and auto cone machines to eliminate any possibility of contamination.
Manufacturing Process

Spinning Machinery Overview

• Marzoli F502 / EJM 178 (Italy) 30,000 Spindles

• Toyota Hara DX 8 & Toyota Hara D8LT (Japan)

• Murata 21 C and Murata 21 C QPRO (Japan)

• Jengwe JWF 1203 (China)
Manufacturing Process


Weaving is a process where the fabric takes its shape. Here, two distinct sets of yarns or threads are interlaced at right angles to form a fabric. Our factory has advanced fabric weaving units consisting of 212 weaving machines with a monthly production capacity of approximately 2.2 Million meters. We have high-speed shuttle less weaving machines that operate at optimal rates to produce an endless variety of grey fabric. The facility is operated by skilled workers under the supervision of qualified professionals with an extensive experience in the textile industry. The resulting product, the grey fabric is then used for printing and made-ups.
Manufacturing Process

Weaving Machinery

  Warping Machine
• Benninger Sectional Warping (Switzerland)
  Sizing Machine
• Sucker Mueller (Germany)
  Warp Tying Machine
• Knotex (Germany)
• Murata (Japan)
  Weaving Looms
• Sulzer Shuttleless (Switzerland) TW11 – 390 CM
• Sulzer Shuttleless (Switzerland) PU – 390 CM
• Sulzer Shuttleless (Switzerland) PU – 330 CM
• Sulzer Shuttleless (Switzerland) PU – 280 CM