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Giga Group of companies

The founder of Giga Group of companies, Haji Abdul Rahim Giga, made his debut into the textile industry and trading business in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in 1956, sowing a seed that today is a giant tree that is still growing and branching out. That one bold step, fifty years later, has lead to a great business house that grows stronger with every season and opportunity.

Today, the Giga Group comprises of several companies independently and jointly owned by the Giga family in Pakistan, Middle-East and Africa. The group is diversified with interests in textiles, gold refining, bullion trade, real estate development and the construction industry.

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Deep Strong and Growing

The Giga vision is to become one of top international conglomerates with right action, right partners, right business principles and the right attitude to all clients and employees that nourish the entity.

Just like a tree nourishes the entire planet, Giga wishes to enrich the lives of all those who are touched by its presence. For detailed group company profiles, visit "
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Corporate Social Responsibility

Nida Textile Mills is continuously striving to be both environmentally friendly and socially responsible. In its efforts towards environmental sustainability, the company is committed towards adopting the best practices necessary to ensure a better planet for the future generations.

Some of the key practices include:

• Water Resource Management
• Liquid Effluent Management
• Solid Waste Management
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Community Development

Employees are an integral part of and are valued by the company. Nida Textile Mills is committed to develop and initiate programs for employee welfare and community development.

Some the initiatives currently in place include:

• On-site accommodation for employees
• Provision of meals
• Construction of prayer areas
• Installation of clean drinking water units
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Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)

Nida Textile Mills is commitment towards making its workers' lives better at the workplace and in general. To achieve the same, it strictly adheres to the Health, Safety & Environment guidelines as per local and international standards. The company is involved in various awareness programs and requisite trainings as below:
• Health programs on diseases i.e TB, AIDS/HIV etc.
• Mandatory vaccinations as per local requirements.
• Fire fighting • First aid • Work place hazards
• MSDS (Material Specification Data Sheets of Chemicals) Employees are rewarded with cash prizes for their volunteering efforts and accomplishments during any such incident.
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Equal Opportunity Employment

Nida Textile Mills fosters a culture where its employees are driven to perform with the highest level of integrity. With a diverse array of jobs involved, the company helps individuals from all walks in life to realize their ambitions and ensure their prosperity.

As an equal opportunity employer, employees are hired solely on the basis of job knowledge and merit regardless of race, religion, gender, nationality and disability. The company advocates the policy of teamwork first and nurtures the right human talents to ensure fairness. Some of the key steps taken to promote the equal opportunity include Empowerment of women that now sees more employed in various positions and departments at our textile mills.